Finger Positions for Great Bass Tone

So much of your tone depends on the way you approach the strings. Daniel shows you how.

Learn more bass lessons from Daniel.

Daniel Ornellas, worship leader in the band "The Worship Republic" is originally from South Africa. He moved to the US with his band Tree 63 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists. He produces records and lives in Nashville with his wife Samantha and their two kids and is the bass instructor for Worship Artistry.

Finger Positions for Great Bass Tone

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Growl and sustain

You have a fine grunt in your bass playing. Your sustain is also long and stable. P Bass, I know. What effects do you use to do you. ? I play a Warwick custom thumb. 5 string and i love how it plays. My PBass does not have the sustain yours is producing without compression, a little bit of a drive in the mix. Will you enlighten me?


Hey Don, Thanks for the great question. It sounds like you have a couple of great setups. The bass I have is actually a Bluesman Vintage custom P-style Bass. I know they have a proprietary bolt on neck system that they use which adds to sustain. They do mods on basses in that regard but I am not sure what the charge would be. I do use a sansamp Pre with the effect on full and usually some overdrive as well as older strings that probably contribute to the sustain. What compressor are you using? Sometimes I run through my Mike E empirical labs pre and compressor which adds to the tone but I don't usually have a lot of compression on it. Thanks again for being vital to the community! Have a great week.

Growl and sustain

Continued, in your gear profile you have a BigMuff Bass box. Do you use it for the added sustain?? I have used compression to add sustain favorably. About 50/50 on wet/dry for blend. The sustain feature itself is a release control from a compressed signal to my knowledge. Correct me if I am wrong about such things. I love info. Thanks


Hi Hermano, I wanted to know if you use bass pedals, and if you do which ones, I've been wanting to add to my bass playin. Blessings!